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Everything you need to know about Binance

If you are wondering that what position Binance holds in the cryptocurrency business then you can say that Binance is like a Bullet train where other exchanges are the normal passenger trains. In comparison to other popular and widely used digital currency exchange platforms, Binance grew very fast and got a fine position in the Blockchain community. It was a just a prediction by the CEO of this company Chengpeng Chao that one day this exchange is going to be the largest domain for trading the digital form of money. The platform started with an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and raised $15 million investment to start its business. It’s like a crowdfunding, a good way to start a business where people can or be invited to invest or help a company to start as a startup. Letter, when the established officially, people who invested in this startup got their investment in the form of Binance coin (BNB).

Today Binance is leading this holly cryptocurrency business with $1.3 billion BNB market capitalization in just 7 months. The exchange made a huge success as a startup because of the business tactics. No one can do better than Binance because the capability of taking 1.4 million transactions each second is something which is enough to fascinate.

About Binance coin (BNB)

Binance coin works as the electricity for this gigantic cryptocurrency exchange bullet train Binance. BNB coin is based on Ethereum Blockchain and more like a coin it is actually considered as a token which follows the ERC20 token standard. BNB offers multiple attributes of the Binance program, which includes paying for trading fees, exchange fees listing fees, and each and every fee related to Binance transitions. By using BNB coin as your trading fees user can get 25% of flat discount with each transaction moreover, users can also pay bills of domains like TravelbyBIT, Skycoin, etc. Binance coin is compatible with many wallets that support ERC20 tokens such as Trust Wallet, Enjin Wallet, wallet, Metal vault, Jaxx, Trezon Wallet, Ledger Wallet, and Request Wallet. Binance users can store their BNB coins with these wallets.

Features that Binance offers

Cryptocurrency trading is not just investing your owned alt-coins, but it is about to swiping your money when a good deal burns out. If we think about cryptocurrency exchange then there some trustworthy exchanges we can rely on in order to perform trading operations. Such as Coinbase, Okchain, Bittrex, and Kraken are the most popular exchange in the industry because they provide robust security and the option for trading. However, these features are also packed with the Binance, if you explore the platform closely you may see that Binance does better than other exchanges.

Availability of alt-coins

Bittrex is one of the exchanges that offer to trade with more than 100 alt-coins, although the trading fee is a bit higher than Binance. However, if you stuck with Binance you just not get the option to trade with +140 digital coins but also +280 different trading pairs at the same time. At Binance users are facilitated with some of the good digital currencies such as BTC and all kind of BTC coins, Ethereum and many Ethereum based coins as well as tokens, NEO, DASH, RIPPLE, LITECOIN, and many other popular digital based coins. However, as Binance is just based on crypto-to-crypto exchange service, it does not offer fiat currency (like US Dollars, EURO, POUND, Japanese YEN, Rupee, Renminbi etc. however, for alternative user can purchase USDT which is worth equal to USD can be helpful to buy or sell BNB, BTC or any other alt-coins.

Trading fee in Binance

A very reasonable and affordable fee if you are a newbie and just starting your first trade on any platform. Binance offers 0.01% trading fees for each trade, which will cost you 0.01 BTC if you trade one BTC with Binance account. Although deposits are free in your wallet.

How to start with Binance?

Sign up and login process

To start your first trading sign up an account is required, the good thing about Binance is that it isn’t required to verify yourself to get the level 1 account which has a 2BTC daily withdrawal limit. Now if users wish to increase the transaction limit further than he/she can apply for a 2 level account, but the limit is the 100 BTC per day. To reach to the second level a Photo is required to verify your id and wait until he/she qualifies for the account. And for the high limit for the withdrawals, one need to contact Binance support directly to verify other details, to do that you can call us at our Binance customer service number and verify your account immediately.

To register with Binance go to the Binance’s Website or click our referral LINK: and Bookmark the page as a precaution, if you don’t want to land to a phishing site. Now complete the sign-up process by entering the necessary detail asked in the sign-up form try to set a complicated password with some combination of words and symbols. Verify your email by the confirmation mail you will get. Next step would be enabling the 2-factor authentication (2FA), it is very important for your account to be fully secure. Enable Google Authentication and then you are all set to start your trading operations. Next, you can deposit cryptocurrencies which is just a piece of cake, you will see at the top of your account dashboard a “deposit/withdrawal” button under the fund’s attribute. You can deposit and withdraw coins by selecting the coin, and for further assistance, you can get the necessary help at our Binance customer service phone number anytime.

Security measures in Binance

Security is one of the reasons why we should choose Binance as our only exchange to trade with cryptocurrency. Today this exchange is the largest exchange in the industry and security measures are also the big reason behind that. Humankind always scare to lose something which is more precious for them, as for cryptocurrency trader the only thing precious is cryptocurrency and thus it is important to have a secure and trustworthy platform in order to trader digital coins safely. The graph of Binance is raising high every season if we take security measures as the example. This exchange has made Trust Wallet as its default wallet for storing alt-coins which is an open source decentralized wallet. Decentralized based wallet are less vulnerable that centralized based wallet and provides high security to financial and e-commerce Businesses. However, to attract the attention of traders the exchange does more than this

  • Enables 2-factor Authentication to stay one step ahead in order to secure the account.
  • Based on a multi-tier and multi-cluster system architecture system to secure the trade more efficiently.
  • Standardized by CCSS (cryptocurrency security standard) to secure Account.

Supported platforms

  • World Wide Web
  • iOS
  • Android
  • HTML5
  • WeChat

Why Binance customer support phone number is the big issue

Customer service is a process which not just ensures the customer’s satisfaction but also makes a good relationship with them. This service often takes place when a customer stuck with a situation where customers are unable to make their transactions complete. While having trade with digital currency, customers often face technical and personal problems whether they are in Binance or any other exchange, however customer service is an important part to get rid of from such issues.

When working with Binance, it might possible that you face issues such as delay in the withdrawal or deposit, transaction failure or any technical error. However, to stay hassle-free it is requires staying in touch with a good customer support which can lead you to a glitch free environment. Binance doesn’t offer Binance customer support phone number which is already clear, although you can send your query using support ticket which is a long process. But to get the instant and optimum solution at the first place you can contact the best Binance customer service phone number at any time.

The reason why we are best is, we don’t waste the precious time of our customers by asking nonsense questions, rather than our professed technician’s response instantly after you complete your issues and serve hassle-free assistance quickly. At our Binance wallet support phone number users can get solutions related to every issue they have been facing with their account whether it is about lost alt-coin or wallet issues.

Kind of issues users mostly don’t get the solutions.

  • Having problem with Bitcoin transaction
  • Someone hacked my Account
  • Unable to deposit Alt-coins
  • Unable to Withdraw coins
  • Login issue
  • 2fa error
  • I Forget the password of my Binance account
  • Unable to get Notification for my transactions
  • Puzzle Captcha isn’t working
  • Verification issue: unable to verify photo id for 2 level
  • Want to verify account for 3rd level instantly
  • Binance App is working slow in My Smartphone
  • Unable to exchange my currency

With our Binance wallet helpline phone number you can get help related to any issue with your Binance account and wallet. You can also be able to verify your account for high withdrawal and deposit limits. Just dial us and see how easy things work when you get our support simultaneously.

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