Coinbase with Circle Launched USDT Stablecoin.

California’s-based popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase just launched its first USD coin Stablecoin (USDT) for the trading purpose on the platform. The company in collaboration with Circle payment technology has now started to support USDT stablecoin with the equal price of 1 USD.

Coinbase customer can now sell, purchase send, and review receives USDT from and from the Android app IOS Application. Users based on the US will get to buy and sell. In other hands, the customer around the world can send and receive the coin.

Coinbase wallet is already supporting the new launched USDT, however, Coinbase stated that the coin will be supported in Coinbase Pro letter.

A stable coin is a type of cryptocurrency use to avoid price volatility. It can be achieved by differently designed to make the price stability. In other words, the author makes it easy to buy at-coin with a special coin which is equal to the cryptocurrency with a fixed exchange rate also say “pegged exchange rate” in order to make easy buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Australia: Crypto startup GTE ceased ICO worth $50 million.

The initial coin offering (ICO) lead by the Australia-based crypto startup Global Tech Exchange (GTE) has stopped its operations. The ICO was launched in the current year but now has ceased in order to comply with all of (ASIC’s) requirements and requests. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC’s) is an independent Australian government management which stands for Australia’s corporate regulator. ASIC’s actions are enforcing and regulating companies and financial services laws in order to protect Australian customers, Creditors, and investors.

The Company got famous after endorsed by the famous Australian cricketer Michael- a former Australian cricket captain and national celebrity, he posted on Twitter:

“I am really excited to be involved with Global Tech. Their ambition and drive is something that I resonated with straight away and I can’t wait to learn more about Blockchain technologies.”

The website just said that the investors already have been refunded and the statement also addressed that Michel clerk is no longer associated with the GTE future operations and programs.